Press Release Service for Local Business Owners


Don’t tell anyone, but press releases are one of our secret weapons for local business owners!

Here’s why…

Just getting your business name and product or service “out to the public” is a great way to build awareness (and sales) in your community. And because so few other local business owners publish press releases, you will get noticed!

You can also add the press release to your website, Facebook page, or even submit to your local newspaper.

The other BIG reason press releases work so well for local businesses are the “links” back to your website from all the distribution channels we submit your press release to – reputable news source affiliates like ABC, CBS, Fox, and many others. These are known as “authority” links and Google loves authority links!

Bottom line?

Using Press Releases is a great way to build local awareness and get high authority links to help your business get noticed in the big search engines like Google and Bing.

Here’s what you get with our Press Release Service for Local Business Owners – $295:

  • 500 words written by a Professional
  • Up to 3 links / 3 keywords
  • Your approval before distribution
  • Distributed to 100+ Authority News Outlets
  • We deliver a distribution report in about 10 days after your press release is approved
  • 30 days “no questions asked” money back guarantee
  • We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see / edit the Press Release before it goes out?
Yes, you must approve it before it goes to distribution. You will be able to see it / edit it / request changes.

What topics are not allowed?
News wires will reject press releases if they contain certain topics. Here are topics that are banned:

-mortgage, pay day, cash, short-term or long-term loans
-escorts, or anything sexual in nature, including supplements
-impotence / ED, STDs
-radical or political opinions / views
-radical religious opinions / views
-e-cigs, vaping, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia or any supplements
-illegal/”grey area” content like unlocking an iPhone, hacks, cracks and other illegal means to bypass a game’s restrictions.

What is the turnaround time?
Writing the press release usually takes between 2-5 days. If you selected the option to approve it, you will need to do that before going to distribution. Then distribution should take 7-10 days.