If you’re a roofer in the United States, you really have two choices when it comes to growing your business… the “Short” game or the “Long” game.

90% of all roofers choose the “Short” game.

Here’s why they’re wrong…

The “Short” game means your business is focused on generating new business (leads) in the short term.

Roof leak repairs.
Storm damage.
Gutter / Chimney repairs.
Maybe the occasional new roof or re-roof.

The usual suspects.

Cash flow is key. There are bills to pay, payroll to meet, rent to pay, etc.  Because of all this short term pressure, your roofing business gets stuck in the hamster wheel of short term thinking.

We completely understand.

Just know, there really is a better way.

By moving from the “Short” game to the the “Long” game, you can totally transform your roofing business.

Here’s what we mean…

The “Long” game works so well because you’ll still get the “Short” game work – roof leaks, storm damage, gutters, etc. (Actually, you’ll get more “Short” game business than ever.)

But now your business will begin to focus where the REAL money is… new and replacement roof installs.

Think about how much better your business (and your life!) would be if you could dramatically increase the amount of roof installs in the next 12 months? We’d like to show you how!

Want to hear more?

We thought so.

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